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A Christian looks at te Tiririti
the Treaty of 
2013 Tiriti Cover April b_001_edited.png

2023 ISBN 9780995133945


Te Tiriti is New Zealand’s founding covenant, providing for united paramount governance of Māori and Pākehā in partnership: two peoples, one nation, one sovereign. This booklet gives a concise explanation of te Tiriti with the aim of encouraging an understanding of it that leads to informed, peaceful participation in the life of New Zealand and its people.

31 pp    In Print.  Buy direct from:

Amazon US$6.36  & Kindle US$3.87

A Christian looks at Matariki
Matariki 2 cover_001.jpg

2023 ISBN 9780995133983


The celebration of Matariki is embedded in New Zealand national life, a Māori tradition recognised in a public holiday. Turning to the Bible as God’s word, this booklet aims to help readers understand the true significance given Matariki by its Creator. In particular, it aims to help Christians worship God faithfully and to engage with their communities in Christ-centred life and witness as the nation celebrates Matariki.  


30 pp    In Print.  Buy direct from:

Amazon  AU$8.00 & Kindle  US$1.50

In print

State Children

2009 ISBN 9780908806201

Booklet abridgment of The Child Moulders. 

In print.

By Fear and Fallacy

2006 ISBN 9780908806188

Documents the repression of reason and public good by the anti-smacking lobby in New Zealand. 

A King's Bible
kings bible.jpg

2005 ISBN 9780908806175

Unravels the myths, language and history of the King James Bible to help English readers make a sensible evaluation of this great translation. 

Out of print.

Māori Culture in a Christian Worldview

2005 ISBN 9780908806159

Documents the marginalising of Māori by superficial engagement with people and their culture, and asserts that the answer is not a revival of a pagan Māori culture but the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Out of print.

Download a free pdf copy here

The New Māori Myth (Revised)

2005 ISBN 9780908806167

(First Ed 1988) Demonstrates that traditional Māori values were inseparable from fear, violence and social injustice. It also exposes the myths surrounding the history of missionary work and European colonisation in New Zealand.  

Out of print.

Download a free PDF copy here

The Unequal Yoke

1996 ISBN 9780908806175

(First Ed 1993) Examines the relationship between Christian schools and the state, and explores possible biblical limits.  

Out of print.

In God's World

1998 ISBN 9780908806043

(1st Ed 1982) A biblical framework for Christian education including a syllabus for primary schooling covering content and instructional methods in core subjects.

Out of Print

Download Free scanned pdf copy here


1988 ISBN 9780908806167

A workbook utilising the number line for  teaching year 1 mathematics.   Establishes meaning and method for the four core processes that lays a foundation for mathematics into secondary schooling.

Out of print.

The Wycliffe WORD Programme

1988 ISBN 9780908806019

A phonics based workbook for use in teaching reading, spelling and writing in Year 1.

Out of print.

Schools Need Christ

1985 (no ISBN)

This booklet explains the framework of biblical faith essential for a Christ-centred schooling for children, and demonstrates that secular state schools by their very nature teach a religion in conflict with the Bible.

Out of print.

Download a free PDF copy here

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