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During the first Covid-19 Lockdown (2020) I was asked by people isolated in their homes, with limited opportunity to join virtual groups, if they could be helped with Bible Studies suited to the times. These Bible studies are my response: Bible Studies you can do on your own ... or if you prefer and have the opportunity, together with others. 

Here are Bible studies that encourage readers to learn what God is saying by looking thoughtfully at the Bible passage being studied. The questions don't ask for opinions, or extensive knowledge of other parts of the Bible. When another part of the Bible helps, or when extra insight or knowledge is needed, the studies give that help.  But for most questions, you won't need to have someone check your answers, because you will see from the Bible itself what the right answer is.  

It's good, though, if you can share your thoughts, answers, and questions with at least one other person. When you do that, you "encourage one another and build each other up" (1 Thessalonians 5:11).  That is good for others and good for ourselves. If you can't meet virtually or in reality, perhaps you can phone them.


Please feel free to pass these studies on to others. They can be downloaded, copied, emailed, printed and distributed freely.

1 Peter
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The title of the series comes from the way Peter begins his first letter, addressing it to "strangers in the world, scattered throughout" what was then the known world. The Covid-19 lockdowns had the effect of isolating most of us almost as much as if we had been scattered.

Additional Notes for Scattered #8:

Alpha & Omega
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The title of this series comes from John's introduction: Jesus is the Alpha and Omega who rules. Revelation reveals the seen reality of Christian experience, the unseen reality of Christ's presence in his church, and his rule over all events, climaxing in his glorious return. 

This series in in preparation with new studies added as they are completed.

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