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My greatest passion is making Christ known and the Bible understood in a way that brings peace with God, certainty of eternal life, and  vitality to every aspect of life.


I was born in 1946 in Christchurch, New Zealand, of English and Māori heritage (Kaikoura runga: Ko Takahanga te marae; Ko Ngāti Kuri te hapū; Ko Ngāi Tahu te iwi). I became a Christian in my teenage years in Hamilton, and trained as a teacher at Auckland Teachers College and the University of Auckland.


I enjoyed 50 years of teaching in state and Christian schools before retirement. Most of my teaching was in Christian schools, but also involved curriculum writing and teacher training for state and Christian schools, and advocacy for and consultancy to Christian schools.  


I was Principal at Onewhero District High School, Orakei Primary School, Tyndale Park Christian School and the Christian school my wife and I founded in Auckland in 1988, Carey College.


I am an Associate Staff Worker with the Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship and my wife Priscilla and I are members of Howick Baptist Church in East Auckland where I serve as an elder.


Previously I have been blessed to work with and minister in a number of Auckland churches including Bays Baptist Church, and in a variety of organisations including Christian Witness to Israel, the New Zealand Association of Christian Schools, the Fellowship of Reformed Baptist Churches in New Zealand, and Girls Brigade New Zealand.  

Priscilla and I married in 1976 and have been privileged to nurture our four children into adulthood, three of whom are married and have three children each.

I also enjoy reading and writing. I take lots of photos, do a bit of gardening and grow carnivorous plants.


Content coming soon!

Wycliffe Christian Schools

Wycliffe Christian Schools was the platform through which I promoted and supported Christian schooling and Christian home schooling in New Zealand for over 40 years.  Following my retirement from regular teaching, only the publishing arm of Wycliffe Christian Schools has continued, under the imprint Wycliffe Scholastic.

Wycliffe Scholastic

Wycliffe Scholastic was established in 2017 as a publishing imprint of Wycliffe Christian Schools.  While this maintains our historic link with education, it also gives expression to the fact that our present publishing programme is no longer always related to schooling.

Odd Stuff!

Because I'm often asked ...

Yes, I did run a business manufacturing and marketing a teaching aid I invented and patented. 

Yes, I have had a photo (that is just one photo) exhibited and published by the Tate Modern art gallery in London.

And yes, I did establish and run a Christian teachers' college for a number of years.

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